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When planting and tending your tree please bear in mind the following:

Apple trees prefer a deep loamy, well-drained, slightly acid soil preferably on a south-facing slope. It would be best to give the tree as good a soil and site as possible.

Allow plenty of air movement around and through the tree. A warm airy site will help reduce the likelihood of scab forming on the fruit and canker from causing dieback of the wood.

Both these fungi need humidity to flourish.

Avoid frost pockets when choosing your site.

Very few apple varieties are self-fertile; they need another different variety that flowers at the same time to cross-pollinate. Obviously you have more chance of success if there are several potential pollinators nearby.

Root Stocks

All fruit trees aree grafted onto rootstocks. The rootstocks determine tree size. Bigger trees are more robust and produce more fruit, but take up more space. Always choose a bigger rootstock if you need extra anchorage, or your soil is poor (very wet, dry or rocky). Small trees can't compete with grass & weeds. If we assume that the Bardsey tree grows with average vigour, then the table below will give you an idea of how big your trees will eventually be and when they will come into fruition.

Root stock Height & Spread (in ft) Age when tree will bear Anchorage Staking Grass on orchard floor
M27 Apple 4 2 Very poor Entire life of tree Needs clean
M9 Apple 7 3 Poor Entire life of tree Needs clean

M26 Apple
Pixy Plum
Quince C (Pear)

10 3 Fair First 4 years Short grass OK once established
MM106 Apple
St Julian Plum
Quince A Pear
15 4 Good First 2 years Long grass OK once established
M25 Apple 22 7 Very good N/A No problem
Summer Pruning at Ian Sturrock & Sons Orchard

Summer Pruning at Ian Sturrock & Sons Orchard

Caning Newly Grafted Trees

Caning Newly Grafted Trees

Ian Sturrock Pruning a Maiden Tree

Ian Sturrock Pruning a Maiden Tree

Penrhyn Castle... Fancy Training

Penrhyn Castle... Fancy Training

The Results of Incorrect Pruning!

The Results of Incorrect Pruning!