Pig Y Glomen


Pig Y Glomen


History & Discovery

The Pigeon’s Beak appears to originate from Pembroke, but I’ve also found it in Denbigh and Anglesey. For the history of the pigeon (The King of Rome), click this link


Large round mid-season cooker with a pale green skin. Lovely flavour, little additional sugar needed when cooking. Fruit often have a raised area by the stalk, hence the name.

Pollination group B.

Rootstock & Eventual Tree Size

All fruit trees are grafted onto rootstocks. The rootstocks determine eventual tree size.
Bigger trees are more robust & produce more fruit, but take up more space.
Always choose a bigger rootstock if you need extra anchorage or your soil is poor (very wet, dry or rocky). Small trees cannot compete with grass and weeds.

Bilingual product label (left) and small tie-on label included.

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