Marquess of Anglesey’s Peach

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History & Discovery

“Toppy The Dancing Marquess” died in 1905 age 29, having squandered his £60m inheritance. The 5th Marquees of Anglesey, Henry Paget swiftly acquired a reputation for a lavish and spendthrift manner of living. He used his money to buy jewellery and furs, and to throw extravagant parties and flamboyant theatrical performances.

His juicy and delicious peach was recently rediscovered in one of the estate’s decrepit greenhouses.

This variety is best grown under cover (such as a polytunnel or greenhouse) or in a favorable location such a South facing wall.

Eventual Tree Size: 10ft

All fruit trees are grafted onto rootstocks. The rootstocks determine eventual tree size.

If you want your fruit tree to remain smaller than its eventual tree size, simply prune back in the summer.

(Unsure about summer pruning? Click here to check out our video guide!)

Pollination Group: Self Fertile

Bilingual product label and small “Welsh to the Core!” tie-on label (left) included.

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