Trwyn Mochyn (1600s, Anglesey)

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History & Discovery

A large green cooking apple, long grown on Anglesey. First recorded in the 1600’s, it is named because of its unique shape. It cooks to a robustly flavoured, slightly perfumed puree – needing a little additional sugar. Wrapped in pastry and then baked, it was often eaten as dumplings in the field by agricultural labourers. The fruit keeps for several months in cool storage. The flavour mellows with time to an excellent brisk eating apple, ideal for enlivening salads. The fruit tree crops heavily.


Ideal for organic cultivation in Wales. Very disease resistant. Pick early October and use October to January.

Pollination Group C.

Rootstock & Eventual Tree Size

All fruit trees are grafted onto rootstocks. The rootstocks determine eventual tree size.
Bigger trees are more robust & produce more fruit, but take up more space.
Always choose a bigger rootstock if you need extra anchorage or your soil is poor (very wet, dry or rocky). Small trees cannot compete with grass and weeds.

If you want your fruit tree to remain smaller than its eventual tree size, simply prune back in the summer.

(Unsure about summer pruning? Check out our video guide

Pollination Group B

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