Alternative Orchard Designs

Forest Gardening

What is forest gardening? Forest gardening is the art of creating low-maintenance permacultural systems that mimic the natural ecosystem of a forest. The concept is to make use of trees, shrubs and herbs to create a relatively self-sustaining gardens with yields directly useful for humans.

Guerilla Gardening

What is guerilla gardening? Guerilla gardening is a loose concept that encompases planting and cultivating gardens and orchards without the legal right to do so. While often politically associated (and illegal!), done correctly guerilla gardening is a great way for communities to make use of abandoned and unused public spaces to form community gardens. Stealthy planting, seed bombs and other techniques can transform urban and rural environments, and bring communities together.

Fans, Cordons and Espaliers

How can you train your apple, pear and plum trees? Whether you’re making use of a walled garden, efficiently making use of planting space, or simply want to add some style and grandeur to your orchard, special pruning techniques can create productive and aesthetic results.