Choosing Your Tree & Site

Organic Fruit Tree Growing

Learn how to grow apple, pear and plum trees organically. From organic fertilisers to fighting diseases, organic orchards require extra care and attention. However, we think that’s a small price to pay for healthier, better quality fruit! In a world facing a climate crisis, organic growing has never been more relevant and important.

Orchard Site Selection (Part 1)

How do you decide where to plant your apple, pear and plum trees? There are many factors to consider when choosing the location for your orchard. When done correctly, you will see vastly improved results in your fruit trees in the years to come. However, if done incorrectly you could find yourself battling against damp, windy and infertile conditions.

Orchard Site Selection (Part 2)

Further information on where to plant your fruit tree orchard.

Welsh Apple Varieties

How do you choose your apple, pear and plum tree variety? Choosing your variety of fruit tree has a huge number of factors to consider. Do you want eating, cider or cooking apples? What pear trees are best suited for wet conditions? We have a large selection of rare heritage Welsh varieties, each with distinct flavours, uses and suitabilities.

Fruit Tree Rootstock Selection

What rootstock is used for apple and plum trees? Choosing your rootstock will determine the eventual height and spread of your fruit trees, but there are other factors to consider. Your choice of rootstocks will affect the behaviour of your orchard, and will play an important role in helping your fruit trees flourish in harsh climates like Wales.

Buying A Fruit Tree

Should I buy my fruit trees bare root? Are older or younger trees a better choice? Even after we have picked our orchard site and varieties, we often neglect important questions about the trees we purchase. Most suppliers either won’t provide or won’t be informed of important factors to consider (and it’s often not what you might expect!).