50+ o fathau Cymreig,
ar gyfer danfon neu gasglu.

50+ Welsh varieties,
for delivery or collection.

100% Welsh Fruit Trees

All our trees are rare heritage Welsh varieties from across the whole of Wales.

60+ Years Experience

We have been growing heritage fruit trees and reaching out to the local community.

Personal Advice

Give us a call before or after your purchase for advice, and check out our video guides!

Wide Selection

We stock 50+ Welsh apples, pears, plums, damsons, cherries, grapes, and more.

Disease Resistant

Ideal for growing organically in the Welsh climate - and similar harsh conditions.

St David Awards Finalist
Horticulture Wales Case Study

Reintroducing Welsh Fruit Trees

Based in Bangor North Wales, we have been successfully reintroducing rare heritage Welsh fruit trees for the last 40 years. After decades of searching and researching, we have developed a collection of native Welsh fruit trees that will succeed in our unique location.

Reaching Out To The Local Community

We run workshops, courses and consultations across the whole of Wales. We have planted thousands of fruit trees across schools, community orchards and local spaces. Learn about how to grow and care for your fruit trees with our FREE video guides!

Preserving Welsh Heritage

Supermarkets only stock a tiny selection of generic fruit varieties. Without our help, fascinating local varieties, with their unique flavours and characteristics, will be lost to time. Our mission is to save Welsh fruit trees from extinction, and preserve an important part of our history.

60+ Years Experience

Having grown fruit trees for decades in Bangor, the Welsh revival started in 1998 with our discovery of the Bardsey Island Apple. This led to a massive resurgence of interest in rare, heritage Welsh varieties.

A Family Business

Passing down knowledge and experience from one generation to the next, Ian is assisted by his two sons Sion (and his partner Elley) and Jo, as well as members of the local community.