Video Guides

Wondering how to pick a variety? – How do you choose a site for your fruit tree? – What time of year should you plant your fruit tree?

Learn what to factors to consider when choosing your varieties of Welsh fruit trees, the optimum location for planting, and the most appropriate rootstock.

What is the best method for planting an apple tree? – How do you plant a maiden whip?

Learn about the most effective methods for planting your Welsh fruit trees, giving them the best chance of getting established.   

When should apple trees be pruned? – Can fruit trees be espaliered? – When should you pick apples?

Learn about fruit tree training techniques, the principals of pruning our trees, and the best methods for picking your fruit.

Our annual festive video messages from Ian Sturrock and Sons.

How do you graft a fruit tree? – What time of year should you graft an apple tree? – What is the difference between Whip and Tongue grafting and T Bud grafting?

Learn about various grafting techniques, and what time of year they are appropriate.

How do you identify apple tree diseases? – How do you treat canker? – How do you get rid of aphids?

Learn how to treat and prevent the various diseases and problems.

What does guerilla gardening mean? – What are forest gardens?

Learn about various unorthodox designs and techniques for growing your fruit trees.

What unique considerations are there when growing in greenhouses?

Learn about the cultivation of fruit trees in your greenhouse and the different varieties.

How do you make your own cider? – What recipes are there for cooking apples? – What can I do with unused fruit?

Learn about some of our favourite recipes and ideas for what you can do with your fruit. (This section is new, more vids coming soon!)

Learn about exotic fruit trees and plants that you may encounter on your holidays.