Fruit Tree Diseases and Useful Tips

Apple Tree Diseases

What diseases do apple trees get? Wondering how to treat apple diseases? While our Welsh varieties may be disease resistant, you will still need to be proactive in treating and preventing disease affecting your trees. Scab, canker, aphids and more can have devastating consequences if left untreated. 

Fruit Tree Diseases

What diseases do fruit trees get? How do you treat fruit tree diseases? Apple trees aren’t the only species to be affected by diseases. Funguses, aphids, scab, canker and more are all out to attack your fruit trees. Learning what to look out for, what species of fruit are affected, and how to treat/prevent diseases will ensure you maintain a healthy and productive orchard.

Orchard Walk and Talk (September)

Looking for useful tips for your orchard? Wondering what to look out for? In this video, Ian gives us a walk around our orchard here at Pen Y Bonc. Along the way he talks us through some interesting observations (and  some cute ducklings!).

Orchard Tools

What secateurs  should I purchase? What specialist tools are there for picking apples? There is a huge range of orchard tools available, from common gardening products to obscure specialist devices. Learn which tools are the most useful, and even how to create your own!

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