Channel Beauty (1922, Swansea)


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Channel Beauty (1922, Swansea)


History & Discovery

Some old trees are still found growing in the Swansea area. It was raised by C.H.Evans, Mumbles. Recieved into the National Fruit Collection in 1922. It was also known as “Gower / Gwyr”


A heavy cropping late dessert apple. Pick in October and use from Nov to Jan. A Cox’s Orange Pippin seedling with a good savoury taste, crisp and juicy.

Pollination group B.

Rootstock & Eventual Tree Size

All fruit trees are grafted onto rootstocks. The rootstocks determine eventual tree size.
Bigger trees are more robust & produce more fruit, but take up more space.
Always choose a bigger rootstock if you need extra anchorage or your soil is poor (very wet, dry or rocky). Small trees cannot compete with grass and weeds.

Bilingual product label (left) and small tie-on label included.

  • 10 foot
  • 15 foot
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