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About Ian Sturrock & Sons

We have been succesfully growing rare unsprayed Welsh fruit trees in North Wales for the last 30 years.

After many years of searching, researching and trials, we have developed a collection of fruit trees that will succeed in our unique location. We have varieties of Apple, Pear, Plum and Damson fruit trees from all over Wales, all of which are unique and very rare.

Apple Tree, Pear Tree, Plum Tree, Damson Tree.

Our fruit trees are disease resistant (no need to spray), ripen well despite our cool and cloudy summers and bear fruit that doesn't blow off the trees during autumn gales.

Take a look at our new Online Shop at some of the trees we offer. We accept all payments through Paypal via an online shopping cart: Safe, Secure and Easy!

In 1998 we discovered the Bardsey Island Apple which led to a massive resurgence of interest in old, almost extinct Welsh Varieties.

These tough, disease resistant fruit trees are now being planted throughout Wales, the UK & Europe, even as far as the US and New Zealand! Why not plant a special fruit tree in your garden and be part of the growing popularity of rare fruit trees

When you plant a fruit tree, remember that it will almost certainly outlive you. Take your time, choose wisely. Let your kids and their kids enjoy unique, tasty and unsprayed fruit.

We plant too few trees in our lives

Ian, Sion & Joseff Sturrock

Take a look at the videos below…


The Original Bardsey Island Apple Tree

Bardsey Island Apple

Pruning Cox Cymraeg Stepovers

Pruning Cox Cymraeg Stepovers